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മുട്ടു വേദന വില്ലന്‍ ആയോ?

ുട്ടു വേദന വില്ലന്‍ ആയോ?

ആമവാതം ,സന്ധിവാതം ,മുട്ടു വേദന തുടങ്ങിയവയ്ക്ക് ഫലപ്രദം ആയ ആയുര്‍വേദ ചികിത്സയുണ്ട്. ആയുര്‍വേദ പാരമ്പര്യ ചികിത്സയില്‍ അഞ്ഞൂറ് വർഷത്തെ പാരമ്പര്യമുള്ള മണ്ണാലിൽ ആയുർവേദ ആശുപത്രിയിൽ ചികിത്സ നേടാം.
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Snehapanam (Pre-purifier)

Snehapanam (Pre-purifier)

Ayurveda, the rishi medicinal science is basically a treatment branch with very special treatment diversities. Sneha Panam is one of the best curing method of Ayurveda and it’s very special in every aspect. As a curative way Sneha Panam gives relax for certain body ailments and besides it’s a nourishing treatment. Medicated Ghee is the main product using for Sneha Panam. In Panchakarma the Sneha Panam plays an important part. Sneha Panam can be defined as the administration of medicated ghee. While preparing Panchakarma, the medicated ghee or Sneha Panam takes relevance, because without Sneha Panam, there is no entity for Panchakarma. The selected ghee is given to patients. The amount of the Sneha Panam can be vary or different as per the health of the patient. In accordance to the digestive power of the patient the ghee is givens. It effects the entire digestive system. The Sneha Panam consuming quantity would be changed or increased as per the capacity of th…

This is What Happens to Your Body When You Eat 3 Whole Eggs a Day

The delicious taste, dense nutritional profile, and versatility of whole eggs reserve their place on our plates on a daily basis.

Some people believe that eggs, especially the egg yolks, might affect their dieting goals, but we intend to neutralize those rumors.

Eggs are in fact extremely nutritious and among the most beneficial on the planet. They are a rich source of essential minerals and vitamins and are the best natural high-protein source. They are high in amino acids which help the building of muscle mass and repairing tissues.

According to nutritionists, you should consume three whole eggs daily to have a well-balanced diet. You might have heard that the yolk is high in cholesterol, but things are not as you have probably considered at first.

While it’s true that the egg yolk contains a high amount of cholesterol, things are a bit more complex than that.

Cholesterol is, in fact, a structural molecule that is a vital part of the cell membrane, and it is responsible for the productio…

Home Remedies To cure Dandruff

Home Remedies To cure Dandruff

Dandruff flakes are actually dead skin cells that naturally fall off the scalp — more so if you scratch. Many people think that a dry scalp is synonymous with dandruff, but either a dry scalp or an overly oily scalp can cause excess cells to clump and fall off, forming dandruff flakes.

10 Simple Home Remedies For Dandruff Cure
1.Coconut Oil & Lemon Massage Coconut oil nourishes your hair, while lemon juice helps to treat dandruff at home without using harmful chemicals. Given below is the easiest dandruff home remedy:

Step 1: Heat 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and mix it with equal amounts of lemon              juice. 
Step 2: Massage your scalp gently with the mixture.
Step 3: Leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing if off withshampoo.
2. Fenugreek Pack as a Dandruff Remedy This home remedy for dandruff uses fenugreek seeds. Follow the instructions below to use fenugreek pack to cure dandruff:

Step 1: Soak some fenugreek or methi seeds in water overnight.